Fractal Cross Stitch Patterns

Fractals are digital images based on advanced mathematical formulas. They all form repeating patterns over and over, but unique patterns can be found deep within the small twists and turns. We find these stunning patterns and transform these into cross stitch designs that create amazing masterpieces of needlework when you complete them. We have chosen some of our favorites and transformed them into exquisite patterns for counted cross stitch.

New In

What’s on the CD

  • ONE HUNDRED cross stitch patterns organized in an easy-to-find system
  • Full-Color images of each design for easy reference
  • Project Planner to help you determine fabric size regardless of the type of fabric you will use
  • Hints and Tips
  • Full-color video slideshow (as seen below)
  • Shopping list calculator: figures how many skeins the pattern will require
  • Detailed floss usage list indicating how many stitches of each color are in the design

See the Designs

Design Information:

Stitch Count: 280 x 280

Finished Size (depending on fabric choice):
14 count (or 28 count over-two): 20 inches x 20 inches

Cross stitch designs are all full cross stitches. There are no fractional stitches, no blended threads, and no backstitching.
The chart is easy to read and fun to stitch!

We are often asked “what is a fractal anyway? and are fractal cross stitch patterns stitched differently then regular patterns?”

Fractal cross stitch patterns are really no different than any other of our modern cross stitch patterns. The term ‘fractal’ is just a term to describe art that is created with math. Yep – fancy calculations create the patterns in fractals. We enjoy the rich color and endless variety of patterns that fractal art encompasses is the reason we choose to create so many fractal cross stitch patterns.

But when it comes to stitching – they are stitched just like any other cross stitch pattern. These patterns are all whole cross stitches. There are no fractional stitches, blended stitches, or backstitches.